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6 inch Gasoline Earth Auger

6 inch Gasoline Earth Auger

Model #AG520


Model #AG520

The AiPower 6 inch Gasoline Powered Earth Auger makes the exhausting work of digging holes easier and quicker to dig even and consistent holes from 6 inches to 34 inches deep for fencing, tree planting, display signs, deck supports, fence posts, and general construction projects. Powered by a 52cc

2-stroke gasolinepowered engine, the Earth Auger provides easy to use power you need to dig deep and keep on digging. Back-saving features like a breakaway clutch and shock absorbing spring help users navigate through obstacles like rocks and roots as safely as possible. The 6 in. auger bit comes complete with a hardened blade and fishtail point designed specifically for the earth drilling application. Fast forward your project from doing to done with a AiPower Earth Auger.


  • Powerful and EfficientThe 1.9 kW AiPower engine combines the advantages of a two-stroke and a four-stroke engine - it is economical, smooth, responsive, and powerful. It produces fewer emissions and doesn't need an oil service.

  • Tough and DurableAluminum castings, alloy gears, and ball bearings are the materials used to make a transmission that can withstand repeatedly drilling into the ground. Steel welded handlebars offer the rugged durability needed at any job site. 

  • Long-life Air Filter SystemTogether with the compensator integrated into the carburetor, the long-life air filter system offers long cleaning intervals and reliable engine protection. 

  • QuickStop Drill BreakThe Quickstop drill brake release lever stops the drill immediately when it gets stuck in the ground, It also serves as a reverse rotation lock - a stuck bit can then be easily unscrewed manually. 

  • Shock Absorbing A breakaway clutch minimizes torque transfer to the user when encountering rocks, roots, and other obstacles during the digging process. The heavy-duty spring is shock absorbing allowing for safer and smoother operation.

  • Multi-function HandleAll operating elements for the engine control are integrated into the right-hand handle, enabling the drill to be operated by finger pressure. The hand always remains in a working position.


Drilling DepthUp to 34 inch
Auger Drill Blade Diameter

6 inch (152mm)

Auger Drill Blade Length
Shaft7/8 inch
Drilling Rotational Speed170 U/Min
Fuel TypeGasoline
Horse Power2.2Hp
Mixed Petrol/Oil Ratio50:1
Rated Speed8500 rpm
Torque8.0 N.m
Starting TypeRecoil Pull Start
Fuel Capacity
Lubricating TypeOil
Noise Level90dB
Net Weight13 Kg
Gross Weight15 Kg
Power head Dimension (L*W*H)550*335*339 mm
Auger Bit Dimension (L*W*H)810*210*210