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Frequently Asked Questions

  • ​​What kind of fuel should I use in my gasoline generator?
​ Use regular unleaded gasoline.

  • ​What kind of oil should I use in my gasoline generator? You can add SAE 10W-30 if the environmental temperature is between -5 °C and +30 °C, or,
use SAE 20W-50 if the environmental temperature is +30 °C or higher.

  • ​What should I pay attention to when filling fuel? Do not fill the fuel tank while the engine is running or hot, or if it is damaged.
Never remove the fuel cap while the engine is running. Turn the engine off and allow it to cool before refueling. Do not smoke while filling the fuel tank. Do not overfill the fuel tank.

  • ​What should I pay attention to while using the generator?
Keep your fuel tank and fuel storage tank filled with fresh fuel and out of direct sunlight. Don't purchase more fuel than you will use in a 3-month period. Use a gas station with a reputation for quality fuel. Move the generator to an open, outdoor area, and point the exhaust away. Do not run generators in enclosed areas (eg, not in the house or garage). Move to fresh air and get medical help if you are sick, dizzy, or weak.

  • ​Should I add engine oil before starting the generator?
Yes, we should add the oil first. The unit has been shipped without engine oil. We should add oil prior to starting the generator.

Otherwise, it will damage the unit.

  • ​How much engine oil should I add?

We should add engine oil to the full mark indicated on the oil dipstick. The engine will not start or will shut off if the oil sensor detects

a low oil level.

  • ​Should I overfill the engine oil?

You should not overfill the engine oil by more than the full mark. Otherwise, unnecessary extra oil will go into the air filter and cause

the generator to shut down.

  • ​When should we change the oil?
We should change the oil 30 hours after the first use. And afterward, we should change the oil every 50 hours of use.

  • ​Should I turn off the engine switch for the key start generator after I shut down the generator by the remote control key (if such a key is available)?
Yes. We should better turn off the engine switch as it can completely shut down the connection with the battery. Otherwise, the battery keeps working and the battery power volume will decrease.

  • ​When should I clean the air filter?
Clean the filter foam every 50 hours of use. Use gasoline to clean the filter foam. L et the filter foam dry prior to replacing it.

  • ​How long can I leave gasoline in the tank?
Fuel formulations vary by region. Depending on where we operate our engine, fuel may deteriorate and oxidize more rapidly (in as little as 15 days). Other factors include: The air volume in a partially filled fuel tank promotes fuel deterioration. Very warm storage, high humidity, and variable temperatures accelerate fuel deterioration. Fuel deterioration problems may occur in less than 30 days, particularly if the gasoline was stored in our portable fuel container for an extended period of time. We recommend that we purchase fresh fuel from a busy, reputable gas station in a volume that will be used in less than 3 months.

  • ​What kind of problems can occur from old gasoline?
In storage, gasoline immediately starts to naturally oxidize and deteriorate. The older it gets, the more it deteriorates and the more likely it will cause hard starting and other performance issues that result from sticky deposits that clog the tiny passages in the fuel system. In addition, ethanol in gasoline attracts water. Initially, it mixes with the ethanol, but at higher concentrations, it separates and settles to the lowest point, which leads to corrosion and starting and running problems. The lower the fuel level in the tank, the more likely you will experience water contamination. If the gasoline in your fuel tank and the carburetor have significantly deteriorated during storage, you may need to have the carburetor and other fuel system components serviced or replaced.

  • ​What should I do if I don't plan to use the generator frequently?

When the generator is not in use, Always close the fuel cap vent. Store the generator away from direct sunlight in a cool, dry area if possible. Fuel will deteriorate faster when exposed to air and the heat from sunlight. If you do not plan to operate the generator frequently (less than once a month), drain the carburetor. The properties of gasoline can quickly lead to stale fuel, causing starting or running problems. The fuel in the carburetor float bowl will deteriorate faster than fuel in the tank due to its small fuel volume, proximity to the engine heat, or being open to the atmosphere. If you do not plan to use the generator for more than a year, drain the fuel tank and carburetor.

  • ​Are gasoline-related issues covered under the warranty?
Our Limited Warranty covers defects in material or factory workmanship. It does not cover fuel system damage or engine performance resulting problems from deteriorated fuel.